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Africa Pension Award 2015

The Africa Pension Awards (APA) is to recognize excellence, achievement and commitment to the development of the African pensions industry, in order to entrench good and innovative practices in pension administration (with particular bias for Contributory Pension Schemes) amongst African countries.

APA will create an opportunity for African countries to benchmark their progress in the development of their respective pension industries, while fostering positive local and global perception of the pension industry.

There will be three categories of awards for this inaugural edition of APA.


  1. Governance. The areas of focus for this award category would be the structure and workings of the pension system(s) of the contesting countries e.g. innovations in the legal and institutional frameworks adopted, efficiency of the processes, corporate governance structures and service delivery.


  2. Pension Coverage. It is important for countries to provide channels for sustainable livelihood (basic needs such as food and shelter) for its citizenry, especially during old age.  Pension systems should, ideally, be extended to cover both the formal and informal sectors of the economy.  This award category would, therefore, focus on the achievements of the contesting countries in extending pension coverage to all segments.


  3. Socio-Economic Impact. This award category would evaluate how countries have utilized pension funds, pooled under the contributory pension system, to provide financial intermediation for the real sector of their economies and also support the development of infrastructure.  It would also focus on how the pension funds have impacted local Capital Markets and Insurance.

All entries for the APA will be evaluated by a team of renowned and accomplished individuals in the area(s) of pension and/or social security.


The Evaluation Team:

  1. Professor Guillermo Larrain | President of the National State Bank of Chile

  2. Mr. Harry Smorenberg | SCC, Founder & Chairman WorldPensionSummit

  3. Fiona Stewart | Global Capital Markets Non-Financial Institutions Group, World Bank

  4. Mr. John Ashcroft | Independent Consultant on Pension Regulation, worked with the UK Pension Regulator from 2003 to 2008

  5. Mr. Amed Bamba | Liaison Officer, ISSA Liaison Office for West Africa

The winners will be announced at a grand event (The Africa Pension Awards Ceremony) being organized for the evening of 6 October 2015 in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.



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