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Addressing Investment Risks

9/21/2015 3:55:00 PM

There is a serious need for improved pension coverage in Africa, given that Africa today has the world’s fastest growing population of people over 60. Life expectancy is increasing even with the healthcare challenges and the elderly are increasingly left to cater for themselves due to rural-urban migration. Getting people to save more for their future is a major challenge, coupled with the challenge of developing the required skill sets for proper investment and risk management of pension funds. Both are

Pension Fund Managers and Regulators need to develop the necessary risk management systems and skills to build the trust of pension contributors and better safeguard pension assets, while enhancing returns on investment. There are lots of lessons to learn from the developments and mistakes of the West in pension design and approach.

The interactive session, will begin with a presentation by Theo Kocken, who will highlight the practical procedures for identification, measurement and mitigation of investment risks. Andrew Slater and Malcolm Fair are some of the panellists that would provide further insights on managing risks in pension fund investing.

Speaker: Theo Kocken, Professor Risk Management -VU University, founder of Cardano | Amsterdam. Panelists: Malcolm Fair, Riscura | South Africa, Andrew Slater, Riscura | London

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